Saturday, March 18, 2006

The luck of the Irish in a Kiwi pub

Went to our local Irish pub, The Brazen Head, last night to celebrate St. Patrick's day with the obligatory pint of Guiness. We were stopped at the door and had to wait a few minutes before being allowed in because they were at maximum capacity. Strangely enough, we were actually excited about that because bars here are never bustling.

Then after waiting to get our drinks, they make an announcement asking people to bring their empty glasses to the bar, as they're running out of clean glasses.

After listening to about half an hour of live music, they make an announcement that the live music is over due to city council orders. Ok, fair enough since it was outside in the garden.

A few minutes later they make an announcement for last call because "due to circumstances beyond our control" they have to close the bar.

5 minutes later they explain that the only way the bar can stay open is if people bring them their 50 cent and $1 coins as they can't make change.

10 minutes later they say it's all over, they're out of beer and we have 30 minutes to vacate the premises (by now it was about 11pm).

They just don't do well with crowds here, I reckon.


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