Friday, February 24, 2006

Into the Black Abyss

It's not always wine and roses here in NZ, though I do think we get more than our share of both. But I digress. Last week it was time to enter the Black Abyss. What exactly is that you may ask? Well, it's paying a lot of money for the priviledge of donning a soggy wetsuit, gum boots and helmet-mounted flashlight to repell 100 meters down into a narrow cave, paddle through a tunnel aglow with glow worm poop (yes, it's actually their poop that glows in case you were wondering) walk through waist-high waters atop slipperly rock and finally sit in an eel-filled pool waiting your turn to climb UP a raging waterfall and crawl through a narrow crevice back to daylight. If you think we would risk taking our camera along on the soggy journey, you're mistaken, but we did take this lovely 'before' shot.

Next time I'll opt for the blackwater rafting option and go with the current rather than against it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop whining! I can't imagine why an excursion called the Black Abyss required a bit of exertion on your part. Of course you could have sat in a little boat and floated through the cave looking at the dangling things and glow worm poop in typical american fashion, but you got into the medium and experienced a cave

If making the effort is a strain, maybe you should go back to the States with its sedintary culture, protofascist government, and 110 kg housewives!

So how's Aaron like NZ? :)

4:54 AM  

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