Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lots of pics, few words

My usual dose of Americana (a tape-delayed version of Entertainment Tonight!) has be pre-empted in favor of Winter Olympic coverage here, but rather than something exciting like skiing or skating, they're featuring curling. One of the few sports NZ actually has some competitors in, so I'll take advanatage of this opportunity to post some much overdue pics of our recent vacation in the South Island.

It was one of those trips where we felt like we were continually checking off things on our "Must do in my lifetime" lists:
Kayak to deserted beach for picnic-check
Eat sumptuous five+ course meal with matching wines at gourmet winery restaurant-check
Bike through mountain valleys lined with grapevines and racehorses-check
See a whale come up for air and then dive deep below-check x 5
Swim with wild dolphins in their native habitat-check

Next on the list is "repel down underground canyon and go blackwater rafting" with my brother. Ok, that wasn't orginally on my list, but my brother Bill and partner Barb are coming to visit and it was on his list, so we're doing it with them.


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