Sunday, January 15, 2006

more to come

My apologies for being so lax in posting. While you were all celebrating with family and friends, I was busy working at the winery where we have gone from 50-100 visitors a day to 300-350 per day. While the holidays come at the slow social time in the states, here they come in the midst of summer, when you want to spend every spare moment making the most of it, having picnics, long walks on the beach and the like. We've gone camping the last two weekends in a row (yes, my very first time!) and next week we are going on vacation (or on holiday as they say here) for a week in the south island. Just the usual kayaking with seals, winery hopping, whale watching and swimming with dolphins, can't wait! Will surely be a bumper crop of pix to post after that trip!


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