Monday, October 30, 2006

Moving in

Ok, I won't even start about how behind I am in blogging. But rather than belabour the point. OMG, I just put that extra "u" in labor without thinking. I must be becoming a Kiwi. Anyway, here are the much anticipated first photos of moving into our new house.

The bottom pic is taken from the top of the stairs going into the living room that flows into the front upper deck where the For Sale sign and nice sea view are. The house really defies description since it was a villa that was added on and rehabbed several times, but it does actually make sense when you see it in person. The top right pic is of the dining room downstairs, which flows to the rear deck/bbq area. To the left of the dining room is the kitchen island. Opposite the dining table/window is a small fireplace.


Blogger Los viajes de Gawi said...

There is an old custom in Spain, only known by people that believe in protection of spirits, you have to bring some salt and olive oil to the new house, those things must be the first in coming in ... even before those cleaning stuff and mamy´s crockery !!
The salt of the life and the oil to get things smoth. Put them wherever you want, maybe the kitchen and consume them as soon as you can it´s just to give thanks and blessing your new home.
If you dont like also is good.jajjajaa

Good luck

11:02 PM  

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