Monday, November 13, 2006

Mucking in

Mucking in, getting stuck in, whatever you call it, we spent the weekend getting into the garden. It really defies description, so I'm going to rely heavily on pictures. Much of it is native trees, palms, ferns and other tropical-looking things that neither of us have any idea what to do with. We figured a good place to start would be getting rid of the dead looking stuff though, and that was more than a weekend's worth of work pulling out and raking up the dead fronds, leaves and branches, revealing lots of new and also unidentifiable stuff. Obviously, that must be the good stuff, so we watered and put down compost on the most promising looking specimens and will sit back and wait and see what develops. Please excuse our oh-so-fashionable gardening attire. We've both designated a couple "gardening only" outfits in order to keep all the dirt and allergy causing nasties outside. Paul also thought gardening would be a good time to counteract his everlasting golfer's tan by cutting off his tee-shirt. No worries, rest assured the garden is well fenced and private so he's not showing off his muscles to anyone but me and the bees.

Meanwhile, what I thought were just tropical grasses in the front garden have now started sprouting lillies! I could hardly contain my excitment long enough to snap a picture.


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Barb's jealous

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