Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Belles of the Brunch

Had our housewarming, aka "Blank Slate Brunch" on Sunday and after much panic on my part after not being able to get the oven to work properly (more on that saga later), the belles of the brunch turned out to be the simplest things that required no cooking: a side of hot smoked salmon with all the fixins from the local fish monger and fresh fruit kebabs with passionfruit puree drizzled on top. A hit with both kids and adults. Dead easy too. The puree keeps the fruit from going brown while sitting out for hours and "brings it to a whole other level" as one guest remarked. I'll be making those kebabs a lot this summer for BBQ season! Thanks to Hilda, who turned me on to the passionfruit puree idea. You can buy it in a jar here but soon I'll have fresh passionfruit to make my own! Even better.


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