Monday, October 30, 2006

Finally, a real garden

After years of being confined to a window box, I finally took shovel to earth and dug my own garden, known in Kiwi terms as a vege patch, in the back yard. I had planned a much wider bed but after hitting very hard clay with a very dull shovel for a few hours, I made the executive decision to resize the garden. In the back, I've got black passionfruit, red banana passionfruit, raspberries, and boysenberries that will eventually climb up the trellis and shield our back yard from prying neighors. In the middle, there's roma tomatos, zucchini (known here as courgettes), regular peppers (capsicums) and hot peppers (chillis). In front there's lettuces, radishes and arugula (rocket).

Herbs, cherry tomatoes, citrus treese and olives are in containers on the other side of the house. More on that later.


Blogger Mike said...

Looks AWESOME, Jen -- I have a large "garden" (no "yards" here) --but it's all grass at this point. I'll be planting mixed bulbs here soon. Today though, I'm in London, enjoying the city while attending a conference. And I make up for your lack of blogging! I'm back to daily now that I have broadband at home!

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