Monday, June 27, 2005

Standing behind the AllBlacks

Have I mentioned yet that rugby is a way of life in NZ? The AllBlacks are the country's all-star rugby team and just beat the British and Irish Lions in the first of three "test" matches here. The Lions tour NZ about once every 10-20 years and bring an entire "Barmy Army" of supporters. It's a bit like the Superbowl and March Madness all rolled into one, as the tour lasts about a month. Prince William is on the way this week to watch some of the games. The entire country is having regular "blackouts" in support of the team.

Thanks to a copy of "Rugby for Dummies," Paul and I have learned all about the "scrum" and how to watch a game on the telly (pints obligatory). Statues and signs like this are all over the country in support of the AllBlacks. Here we're in front of the Te Papa Museum in Wellington (the capital) when we visited two weeks ago.

BTW-The best part of watching an AllBlacks match is watching the whole team do the Haka to the opposing team. It's a Maori war-like dance, which involves a lot of chanting, muscle slapping and sticking their tongues all the way out (a sign that they're prepared to eat the opposing team apparently). For a great demo of the Haka, see


Anonymous Grace said...

I just learned alot about the Maori culture on this website - thanks! and miss you!!

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