Monday, June 27, 2005

Learning the lingo

Sure Kiwis and Americans speak the same language, but that doesn't mean we use it the same way. Here are a few gems I've recently added to my vocabulary:

Good on ya, Mate! (good for you/congratulations)
Whadya reckon? (what do you think about that?)
That's flash! (That's chi-chi/stylish)
That's brilliant! (That's great/ok/whatever)
I'm good as gold. (I'm fine)
I'm right as rain (a step above good as gold)
You're a prat! (You're a jerk/cad)
Stockcount sale (inventory reduction sale)
Letterbox (mailbox)
Cheeky (sassy/smart alecky)
Candy floss (cotton candy)
Dairy (bodega/convenience store/where you buy lotto tix)
Heaps (a lot, as in I've got heaps of work to do)
Tramping (hiking)


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